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Lights Out

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  • First time I’d ever heard of this band, was an article Hit Parader did on the greatest metal songs back in 1983 or so and “Lights Out” was on that list. Because of that very reason, I took a flier on this seminal hard rock act and bought the LP and I’ve been a UFO fan ever since. This record is as good as it gets for heavy rock in the 1970’s and unfortunately almost never gets it due from mainstream music media. Produced by veteran rock vet Ron Nevison, the sound quality of ‘Lights Out’ added to the diversity of the material to make this their finest hour. UFO’s classic lineup of Schenker, Mogg, Way, Parker and Raymond was as self-destructive and combustible as their collaboration was breathtaking. I’m fully convinced that their chemistry kept them from serious US success due to the lack of constant touring because of the volitile nature of the Schenker/Mogg relationship. “Too Hot to Handle”, the title track and “Love to Love” should be on the playlist of any self-respecting classic rock station. Michael’s playing is simply awesome and the group’s Zepplinesque use of light and shade on “Love” particularly make the song one of rock’s true epics. The slash and burn nature of “Lights Out” seem to fit the band’s personality perfectly as Raymond’s organ creates a foundation for the heavy riffing of Schenker, a suitable continuation of the work he did in “Rock Bottom”. Phil Mogg creates another saga of the mean streets as “Too Hot” blows out of the speakers to kick off another in a string of Schenker UFO classics. This October 1977 release also featured such moody pieces as “Gettin’ Ready”, “Just Another Suicide”, “Electric Phase (great riffing on this one too)” and the prettiest of ballads in “Try Me”, that is until Michael unleashes his Flying V for the outro. One more classic to go before Schenker couldn’t take it anymore, but “misty green and blue” are just some of the beautiful templates that this band created in the mid to late 1970’s.

    Posted on March 16, 2010