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Liquid Tension Experiment 2

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  • Tony Levin, Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, and Jordan Rudess, put on an unmistakably awesome performance in this ‘experiment’. These guys should play together more often, well there is Dream Theater. There are many different styles demonstrated in this CD resulting in an ongoing abundance of exciting and technically challenging (to some people) unison lines, and improvisation:Track 1 – Acid Rain: Fast ‘acid’ rock with a guiar solo that is ‘out there’ and awesome. The keyboard also uses great sounds adding so much to the song.Track 2 – Biaxident: One can only guess that this title means something else, “By Accident”. In fact a great exploit of two extremes, mellow, and well you get the idea. The piano plays a major role in this track.Track 3 – 914: Starting off by featuring the bass player, 914 is an almost spooky song, but it is hard to describe. In fact it sounds like they had way too much fun performing this. I think there might be mmore bass drum in this song than anything else at times, excellent touch.Track 4 – Another Dimension: This song is definetely somewhere in another dimension, and if you like that sort of thing, then there is no question that you will like this song. Sounds almost like something that you would hear in a Mortal Kombat fight scene.Track 5 – When The Water Breaks: My personal favorite, I like to reffer to this song as, “The Lulluby Song”. I hope that is alright with the artists. This song starts with a baby crying and some nice lulluby music accompanied by strings, and then you are in for a rude awakening if you decide to fall asleep. The guitar lines in this track are by far my personal favorite.Track 6 – Chewbacca: If you don’t have the volume on your stereo turned up high enough on this song, you might not notice that the song has started. The beginning is rather faint. But if you stick it out, you will NOT be disappointed.Track 7 – Liquid Dreams: Most of this song is rather different from the majority of the rest of the CD, poviding a nice contrast. There is a lot of piano, and it is very soothing.Track 8 – Hourglass: My favorite headline, “Recorded live at 2:28 AM on Sunday, November 29th 1998″. This recording is very appropriate given when it was recorded. Also very soothing this song it just another outstanding addition to the album.Liquid Tension Experiment 2 is a ‘must have’ for any listener, as it is impossible to be disappointed with this selection.

    Posted on December 30, 2009