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Liquid Tension Experiment

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  • I love this album so very much. These guys are true virtuosos of their instruments. I love every track, particularly the huge opening track “Paradigm Shift”, the wild “Kindred Spirits”, and the over-active and heartlessly indulgent “Universal Mind”. This group has no notion of humility whatsoever, but they can pump out one heck of an album. My reviews of each track:1.”Paradigm Shift”-A chop-heavy speedplay of lighthearted madness. Delicious.2.”Osmosis”-EXTREMELY groovy, relaxing track. The name suits it well. A real treat to listen to.3.”Kindred Spirits”-A rocker’s delight, pretty heavy stuff, but very beautiful and melodic. A grand exposition of eveyone’s talents.4.”The Stretch”-Another groovy, swinging track. Not nearly as soothing and relaxing as “Osmosis”, but very cool and fun to listen to.5.”Freedom of Speech”-Nine minute anthem with some beautiful keyboard work, and some impressive guitar solos, but nothing mindblowing. Not bad, just not as spectacular as the rest of the album.6.”Chris and Kevin’s Excellent Adventure”-Cool, short, groovy, yet still edgy. The overdubbed whistling was a nice touch.7.”State of Grace”-Another slow anthem. Worst track here. Once again, Rudess’s keyboards shine, but the track seems a bit cold and boring.8.”Universal Mind”-My personal favorite track. It’s fast, indulgent, heavy, and active. Not for the faint of heart.9-13.”Three Minute Warning”-A HUGE twenty eight minute long jam session. The warning on the back of the CD should provide sufficient information on the tracks. You’re guaranteed to like at least part of it. It’s awesome, but a bit rough.That’s it. Anyone looking for an awesome instrumental album will love this. It’s just…EXCELLENT! A real masterpiece of prog-metal virtuosity.

    Posted on January 7, 2010