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Liquid Tension Experiment

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  • To think there are humans behind the instruments in this album is impossible. To dream theater’s fans this album will full-fill all your selves and you’ll find Mike and John playing in a way absolutely different to DT’s albums. The album opens with a thunderous sound of drums, keyboards and guitar going so fast you’ll hardly think a human being could be able to play like that….it’s called “Paradigm Shift”, a heavy track full of solos and heavy rythms, it then settles a more gentle pace with a guitar solo. Suddenly it changes into an arabian riff, and it ends as it begins. (Mike Portnoy is unbelievable in this one) “Osmosis”, is a 3 minute song with a strange percussion, and a sort of caribbean sound though not Reggae, nice fillings provided by Petrucci’s guitars complete the track. The third track “kindred Spirits” starts rockin’ with a guitar followed by Tony’s bass. Beautiful harmony in this track, with a piece where a fast keyboard solo is followed in the same way by a guitar solo. Some piano is used in the middle of the song. It ends with a quick-paced rythm with everyone riffin’. “the stretch”: an improvisation by Mike, Tony and Jordan….sort of funky bass lines here, cool drums and a keyboard solo. the track only lasts 2 minutes. You then get to listen the incredible “freedom of Speech”, a piano intro is followed by a perfect guitar solo. The track changes to a sort of heavy rythm, but keeps the piano background, which makes the song so hearted, a series of guitar, keyboard and organ solos are found towards the end of the song, which is finished by a piano melody. “Chris And Kevin’s excellent adventure” shows what a drum set and a bass can do. Completely improvised by Mike and Tony, funky riffs cover the drum background provided by Mike. “State Of Grace” is a nice ballad by John and Jordan. Beautiful piano notes are the background for a guitar solo/rythm. Nice one. Then we have “Universal Mind”, again twin fast solos (john and Jordan together) open this track, a heavy riff is reached which is filled by I think 8 solos (maybe more) alternating from John to Jordan (some piano, some keyboards), abruptly ending in a piano melody all alone, which is then transformed to a drums & bass funky rythm. Then they all play together (quite fast), and ends in a nice old tune. Three Minute Warning”————- see for yourself! Enjoy it cause it’s quite a Blast! DVB

    Posted on January 7, 2010