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Liquid Tension Experiment

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  • Friends, don’t let today’s amoral popular culture force disposable “rock” music (if you can call Limp Biscuit and Blink 182 “rock” music) down your throats. Buy music made by musicians. If you get your kicks listening to pointless stuff with violent, unprovocative lyrics, then go ahead and listen to that other stuff. But if you want to listen to a band that doesn’t need to offend and be obnoxious to show that it has real “balls,” then listen to the instrumentalist group Liquid Tension Experiment and their mother project, Dream Theater, both of whom can write and play music like it’s nobody’s business. And lest you think progressive music does not have heart and soul: 1) You might know a lot about popular culture and the latest fashion trends, but you know nothing about music and 2) You haven’t listened to Liquid Tension Experiment or Dream Theater.My friends, thank you all, and good wishes to all of you fine souls.

    Posted on January 8, 2010