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  • In my opinion, Poland’s finest, Vader, is easily the most accessible death metal band. They are better than Slayer in terms of musicianship, talent and songwriting (not a diss to one of the best bands ever, but Vader owns you guys) and even if you hate death metal, you could love these guys because the vocals are not grunts or growls. If Vader isn’t recording great albums, they are touring. They do hundreds of shows every year all over the world, and as a reviewer stated, they probably haven’t slept in their own beds. Check out their live album from 1998 (“Live In Japan”) to hear this act at their best. As the title dictates, this album will shred your eardrums with the dual guitar attack and the insane drumming. “Litany” is not an album that you get to hear nice melodic breakdowns or melody at all. This album is good if you are working out, need an alarm clock or just feel like blasting away your neighborhood and violently headbanging. As I stated already, the vocals are not grunts, so Vader will be easier to digest in that department. If you can’t stand this type of metal, go back to your In Flames or such. This album can only be appreciated if you like it loud, fast and no hint of melody.

    The production of this album is perfect for something this brutal. The vocals are pushed back and the drumming and guitars are overpowering, creating this ear-shredding sound barrier that would only work for a brutal album like this. The vocals, as stated above, are similar to Tom Araya, just with a Polish accent. The vocals are pushed back, but if you really want to listen to them, they are audible. The lyrics are awesome and some of the best in death metal. Read them…you will be amazed that a death metal band can dish out good lyrics. The bass is…you guessed it…inaudible. It could only be heard if every other instrument stops playing, which is rare. Don’t buy this album if you need bass playing inspiration. The guitars are a dual attack, very reminiscent of Slayer. The solos are out of this world. And finally, the drums. Krzysztof “Doc” Raczkowski was his name, and he was in the band since they formed in 1986. He is fast, crazy and could rival any extreme metal drummer. He died in August 2005 after leaving the band earlier the year. His cause of death is mysteriously unknown, and will always be remembered as a huge inspiration in the metal community. He is among the gods of metal. Rest In Peace.

    The album begins with one of Vader’s best, “Wings”. This song is brutal and has a great guitar solo. It is a metal classic and the album should be bought just for this song. The next song, “The One Made of Dreams”, follows. It is a shorty, but it is brutal as hell and leads up to the next song, the legendary “Xeper”. This is a longer song (for this album) and is very simple, but sounds so good. You could actually hear the bass a little here! The title track follows with a great chorus and more great drumming and guitar work. “Cold Demons” starts off with a little interlude and blasts into another great song off of this album. “The Calling” is the loser, which follows, and I find it quite monotinous, but it is still a descent song. The next three songs are a little under 2:00 long, and they are perfect examples of short, brutal blasts of energy. This is what a grindcore song would sound like without the noise. They are “North”, “Fowards To Die!!!” and “A World Of Hurt”. I can’t call them filler, because they slay. The final two songs, “The World Made Flesh” and “The Final Massacre” follow the same formula of the entire album and really slay. That caps off this legendary 34 minute album. If you don’t own this and love it loud and heavy, then go out, turn off your computer and pick this up. “Litany” may be their best album. Their other albums are great, but nothing can cause carnage like this one.

    Posted on November 11, 2009