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  • Don’t bash me simply because I didn’t give Litany five stars like drgonzo insists. I’m giving this album a fair rating based upon the bar that Vader has already set with the other albums/masterpieces of their in my collection. Vader has got to be my favorite Death Metal band. Doc was an amazing drummer; Peter’s vocals are unique in the genre and the assault of Peter’s and Mauser’s guitars make an incredible team. However despite the music on Litany being amazing the production could have been a lot better. The first thing one will notice is that the volume of Doc’s bass drums are cranked up almost twice as loud as they should be. Though you get to see his amazing skill with his feet, this has a result of sometimes drowning out the rest of the band, Peter’s vocals and the rest of his kit, especially when you are not playing on a really good sound system. The sound of the guitars and Peter’s voice should have been turned up slightly louder as well.

    The other complaint is that there are four songs that are shorter than 2 minutes resulting in a surprisingly short album. Time lengths usually don’t bug me, but Vader normally doesn’t have this many short songs. Of all the songs on this album, the short ones are not the songs that I crave to listen to; they are fast, but just not that memorable. My favorites would have to be Wings, Cold Demons, Xeper, and The Final Massacre (a song that they re-recorded and was originally on their first album, The Ultimate Incantation).

    Even with these problems, the songs are still amazing. If you want music that is difficult to play, this is it. Doc’s drumming has always been incredible and he will truly be missed. It’s just unfortunate that the production isn’t that good. If this album is ever remastered, this rating will probably get bumped to a 4 or even a 5. I saw these guys live the day before I graduated high school (nice way to celebrate, don’t you think?) and they were amazing definitely one of the best shows that I’ve ever been to. If you haven’t heard Vader before, I would suggest you start with their albums like Black to the Blind or any of their EPs (they are all amazing) before getting Litany. Vader will also be releasing a new album titled Impressions in Blood that should be released sometime in September so keep an eye out for that as well. Hoped this review helped.

    Posted on November 12, 2009