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Live After Death

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  • This is, without a doubt, Iron Maiden at their peak. The recording is great and the song selection is excellent, too, although the setlist is heavy with tracks from Maiden’s three albums prior to this one (Number of the Beast, Piece Of Mind, and Powerslave) and pretty light on the ones before that (only 3 songs from the debut album and one from Killers). Still, the performances are awesome, and its cool to hear songs that they probably haven’t performed live in years, like Revelations, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Powerslave. Anyone who has the original Capital Records version of this disc and is still a fan of it is best replacing that version with this, since that version contains only the first disc of this 2 disc set, so you’re missing out on more great tunes like Phantom of the Opera and Wrathchild (which were on the original vinyl and cassette versions of Live After Death; I can’t imagine why Capital left them off the CD). Iron Maiden was never better than this. The next couple of releases that followed were pretty good, but the band started to slide once guitarist Adrian Smith left, and they really fell off once vocalist Bruce Dickinson departed. The line up changes, combined with changing tastes and styles in the metal community really left the band hurting. Still, you can’t disregard the quality of this album. A must for any Maiden fan and any fan of early eighties metal before thrash and glam took over and split up the scene.

    Posted on February 3, 2010