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Live and Dangerous

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  • Not enough good things can be said about Thin Lizzy’s LIVE AND DANGEROUS. Almost every song on the album blows away the studio version. The best thing about LIVE AND DANGEROUS is that the production is perfect. Polished enough in the studio during mixing that the sound quality is excellent, but still raw enough to capture the power and energy of Thin Lizzy live. Truly live, with virtually no studio overdubs. (UPDATE – As it turns out, that wasn’t true. Most of the guitars and vocals were overdubbed in the studio. What’s odd is that I’ve heard true live recordings from that era and they sound almost exactly like this album. That’s why I initially thought that there weren’t many overdubs in the studio. Apparantly, they just wanted to polish up the live recordings and went overboard.) As far as the songs go, there are so many great tracks on L.A.D. that it is almost impossible to single out the highlights – almost every track could be considered a highlight! The best way to put it is this; LIVE AND DANGEROUS is a Hard Rock masterpiece. Rock And Roll was (and never will be) better than this. Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, and Brian Downey set the standard for live Rock albums that still has not been surpassed. If you like Hard Rock (like Led Zeppelin, UFO, KISS, and AC/DC) you MUST buy this one.

    Posted on February 1, 2010