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Live and Kicking

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  • Last night, my friends and I were struck with disappointment (despite the lack of surprise) to find out that the band we had been anticipating and paid good money to see, Guns N’ Roses, had abandoned us. Cancelled, without notice. As angry as I was, I was also inspired. Inspired to stay out til midnight to grab Nonpoint’s very first live CD/DVD, “Live And Kicking.” I wanted to see and hear a band who actually cares about their fans and loves performing, as opposed to the diva I had hopes of seeing earlier. Nonpoint are easily one of the most underrated acts in the hard-rock genre, and their live show is proof. If you’ve ever seen them live, you know the intensity, the power, the love and the emotion the band feeds to it’s audience. “Live And Kicking,” a homecoming concert of sorts, captures that rather beautifully, I must say.

    Sounds Like: An amazing live band.

    The Good:
    - The band brings out all their best material and a few little surprises.
    - The songs sound just as good as they do on CD, if not, better.
    - The “Behind The Scenes” footage integrated into the DVD feature doesn’t detract from the concert, and offers a glimpse into life on the road for Nonpoint.

    The Bad:
    - Nothing from their second album, “Development” is represented.
    - The only special features are music videos — “Bullet With A Name” and “Alive And Kicking.” I love the videos, but I expected a little more in features.

    Personally: I love Nonpoint, always have since 2000 when I was introduced to “Statement.” I saw them live for my first time back in April, and will be seeing them again in less than two weeks. This set is, simply put, awesome. It shows the band where they shine their brightest and that is in their live show. The band are at their best right now, in their prime, supporting one of their strongest albums at a point in their career where they are at their most productive and consistent. Best of luck to them. Hopefully the next album and next year are as good to the guys as this one has been.

    Best Listened To When: Axl Rose lets you down.

    Posted on December 20, 2009