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Live and Kicking

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  • I have been following this band for many years and was at the show in Fort Lauderdale last April that is memorialized in this release. I knew that night was one of Nonpoint’s best performances and have been patiently waiting to see what the video people captured that night. The results are INCREDIBLE. This live CD/DVD ROCKS!!! And that is because this band rocks harder and in a more unique way than any of their contemporaries. Elias, as the consummate frontman, owns the stage, and Andy, Ken, and Robb are tight, tight, tight! The sound of Nonpoint comes through loud and clear in front of a sold out hometown crowd in a fantastic mix. Some of the best drumming in the genre is on this disc, as well as sizzling guitar and bass. The straight ahead aggro/hard rock sound is buoyed and gains its uniqueness from the occasional injection of latin influences (“Rabia” and “Orgullo” medley as “Spanish 101″) courtesy of the hispanic heritage of Robb and Elias. This is my most memorable moment from the show, and I enjoyed it even more on the DVD.
    If you like Nonpoint you MUST own this disc. If you are not sure how you feel about the band, go ahead and buy it and you are certain to become a big fan. The bonus features are also great; videos of “Bullet with a name” and “Alive and Kicking.”
    Finally, the camera work is a bit frenetic and the editing fast-paced, but it is perfectly matched with the raw, high energy, vibrant, earthy, gritty bombast that is Nonpoint. A one word review: “Superb.”

    Posted on December 20, 2009