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Live and Kicking

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  • It takes place at a sold out show in their hometown. This is not just their record label trying to cash in. They’ve been talking about doing a live album for about 3 yrs now. I know it sounds cliche, but Nonpoint is seriously all about the live show. I’ve seen em over 20x, and they always bring it. I think a lot of other bands try to copy their live show, actually.

    The DVD has excellent video and audio quality. It’s the entire show w/ some behind-the-scenes stuff in between the songs, as well as an acoustic version of “Bullet w/ a Name.” The special features are the vids for “Bullet…” and “Alive & Kicking.” In the “Bullet…” video, Ken is wearing a Poison the Well shirt. +1000 pts for that. The concert footage makes you feel like you’re at the show. The love footage is about as good as Lamb of God “Killadelphia” or KsE “Set This World Ablaze.”

    As far as the concert goes… it’s a really solid, yet somewhat predictable setlist. It would’ve been nice to hear an old pre-Statement song, anything off of Development, or maybe even “Across the Line,” which isn’t on any of their albums. The live versions of “Past it All,” “The Truth,” “To the Pain,” “Victim” and “Spanish 101 (Rabia & Orgullo)” stand out a lot, however.

    This CD/DVD would be a great introduction to Nonpoint for anyone who wants to get into the band. For anyone who has seen np live and wants to re-live the experience, pick this up. It’s WELL worth the $15.

    Posted on December 20, 2009