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Live at Brixton Academy

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  • Altough it never was released in the US, I am very glad that the record company decided to capitalize on FNM’s success at the time and put out this live record. There is never a dull moment with this band, and their live show is no different. Each song gets the “Patton touch”, and although difficult to digest at first, you will find yourself liking these versions of songs off ‘The Real Thing’ just as much as the originals, and liking the fact that this isn’t just the 1989 release with a bit of crowd noise. The songs are completely different, with Patton also giving his version of the FNM staple, ‘We Care A Lot’. And if the 8 songs weren’t enough for anyone drooling for an FNM live show, we are treated to two rarities, ‘The Grade’ and ‘The Cowboy Song’, the latter being one of the best songs the band wrote in that era. Definitely worth the import price, this live show rocks.

    Posted on January 20, 2010