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Live at CBGB

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  • I was at this show and let me tell you that this album is an important document in the annals NYHC history. Not only do Agnostic Front perfectly represent the NYHC style of the time, it represents it at it’s pinnacle moment. Agnostic Front was in top form and their performance that day was mind blowing. Everyone there knew they were witnessing something special as this album was recorded. This was supposed to be Agnotic Front’s farewell performance. After that day it seems the hardcore scene was forever changed, it died a little, and “Live At CBGB” is it’s swan song. As “A Music Fan” notes below, the recording is very clean, and he feels that the vocals may have been re-recorded. It’s possible. Agnostic Front had to perform their trademark tune “Eliminator” twice because of microphone problems (that unfortunately wrecked both performances), but otherwise this album is exactly as I remember it being performed. If you are a hardcore fan, or a music historian, you owe it to yourself to own this album.

    Posted on January 11, 2010