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Live at CBGB's

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  • I’m so happy, this is Exactly what I was expecting for. This old cats are trully something… they did it once in the 80’s, and they do it again in the 21st century. You have to see this show guys, the crowd’s adrenalin is just too wild to review or to capture it with simple words… probably a street poet could do a better job, cuz I’ve never seen a crowd crazier than this one. There’s so many people on stage doing stage dives, moshing and “sing-a-long”, that sometimes is really hard to see the band playing. The crowd is just nuts, even wilder than the D.R.I: Live at the Ritz DVD which is a chaos. Well, this is a MAYHEM,just too much adrenaline and testosterone flying around that room. Remember this is CBGB’S so they are actually playing in a room… a room fill with madmen…ummm I don’t remember seeing any girls around.

    The band, I dare to say, it’s flawless. Roger Miret is as energetic as ever and he destroyed his throat on this one. The drummer is just ripping the skins off his drum kit. The bass player is moshing and singing along with the dancing maniacs. The lead guitarrist… well, the lead guitarrist is no where to be found in this footage, I mean, he’s onstage but we hardly see him… I don’t know if it’s because of the editing,the camera possition or just because they hate the guy, but we hardly see him playing. Mr. Vinnie Stigma is, well, as still as a concrete wall!, I mean the guy doesn’t even move, but I think it’s because there’s so many people moshing and dancing around him that’s too hard for the to concentrate but It’s great to have him on stage playing those old riffs anyways.

    The editing is top notch, the image quality is a beautiful High Def 4:3 ratio and the audio is BRUTAL!!!.

    All I have to say is that I’m not dissapointed at all… but very pleased to have this live show in my dvd shelf cuz this is Just what I expected from this show.

    The set list contains all the oldschool hardcore material I wanted to hear and not that post One Voice happy punky crappy stupid stuff from those albums they released in the late 90’s. This is Agnostic Front playing their best material from United Blood, Victim in Pain, Cause for Alarm, … Liberty and Justice for?, One voice. They also play couple of new ones and just a few songs from that horrible 90’s era… but that didn’t bothered me a all… because the crowd and the show it’s so crazy that those crappy song sound terrific! So if you like their old crossover true hardcore classic stuff, THIS IS YOUR SHOW, alive in the place where it all stared, The CBGB’s.

    Posted on November 23, 2009