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Live at Donington

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  • 1992. Iron Maiden went on tour support of “Fear of the Dark”. In August, they played at Donington Castle in support of the annual “Monsters of Rock” festival. They played late and put on a very good and solid performance!!!!!

    I can’t understand why people hate this album? Yes the production isn’t that good, yes ‘Arry’s bass dominates the album, but this is very good and a live performance. I will now go over the details of the album!

    FEAR OF THE DARK (1992):
    SONGS: Be Quick or Be Dead, From Here to Eternity, Wasting Love, Afraid to Shoot Strangers, Fear of the Dark
    COMMENTS:As soon as Be Quick starts, you’re in for an explosive ride. FHTE is a great sounding song live, especially when Brucey gets the crowd involved

    SONGS: Tailgunner, Bring Your Daughter… To the Slaughter
    COMMENTS: Tailgunner sounds awesome, and while I really hate BYDTTS, it sounds amazing live.

    SONGS: Can I Play With Madness?, The Evil That Men Do, The Clairvoyant
    COMMENTS: They all sound amazing live. TETMDM is longer, but that’s because of Bruce’s speech before AFTSS.

    SONGS: (none included)

    POWERSLAVE (1984):
    SONGS: 2 Minutes to Midnight
    COMMENTS: Whoa, talk about amazing! The way the crowd gets involved is especially great.

    PIECE OF MIND (1983):
    SONGS: The Trooper
    COMMENTS: The Trooper, in its usual amazing live form. This song may be over played, but it still rocks live!!!!

    SONGS: Run to the Hills, Number of the Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name
    COMMENTS: Awesome sounding. HBTN, my favorite Maiden song, has awesome finish by Janick Gers.

    KILLERS (1981):
    SONGS: Wrathchild
    COMMENTS: Awesome song live, but ‘Arry’s bass sounds like an acoustic guitar on this one…

    IRON MAIDEN (1981):
    SONGS: Sanctuary, Running Free, Iron Maiden
    COMMENTS: I love how Bruce shouts to every person in the back on Iron Maiden! Sanctuary is pretty cool live. And Adrian joins the band on Running Free. Cool!

    OVERALL: This is an amazing live album. Way better than “A Real Live Dead One”! And I can’t get how people hate this, yeah I know it’s in the FOTD era, but they still freekin’ rock!

    And I’m seeing them on June 6th at Rexall Place here in Edmonton Canada. w00t, can’t wait, it’s gonna be an incredible Up The Irons experience!

    Posted on March 3, 2010