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Live at Hammersmith

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  • Sadly, when many people today think of Twisted Sister, they don’t think of one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands to ever get the blood flowing and the fists pumping. After one listen to this album, however, they’d quickly change their opinions.Twisted Sister’s “Live At Hammersmith” was recorded in 1984 at the Hammersmith Odeon in England. It was at the height of their popularity, following the release of 1984’s “Stay Hungry,” which provided the band with three (count ‘em, three) MTV videos and hit singles.This album stands out for a number of reasons. It’s incredibly heavy. Jay Jay French and Eddie Ojeda’s guitar work will blow you away, while Mark Mendoza’s bass and A.J. Pero’s drums will rock you to your soul. And Dee Snider’s vocals will tear your speakers in two. Aside from great musicianship on great songs like “Burn in Hell,” “S.M.F.,” “Destroyer,” “What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You),” and “Under the Blade”, the interaction between the band and the fans is unbelievable. One thing that seperates this live album from a slew of others is the fact that Dee will just sit and talk with the fans, get them riled up, etc. Another great thing is that it’s two discs long. That’s double the metal mayhem for any diehard Metalhead or rock lover. What more could you ask for?Covering tunes from Twisted Sister’s first three albums (including the song that I consider to be their best, “You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll”) and two cover songs recorded live in Detroit in ‘79, “Live At Hammersmith” will have you headbanging away before you even realize it.

    Posted on January 8, 2010