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Live at Reading '81

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  • I’d always thought of Samson as the poor man’s Iron Maiden. Not to say that Samson are not any good. If you like the nwobhm explosion, you’ll like “Live at Reading”. This was the last show that Bruce did with Samson. It was also the show that convinced Steve Harris to hire Dickinson to sing for Iron Maiden. “Live at Reading” is a good live album. It sounds good and the production is pretty decent. All the essential Samson hits are hear. “Take it Like a Man, Vice Versa, Big Brother and Walking out on You” are some of the classic tracks performed. Paul Samson is no Dave Murray or Adrain Smith, but he seems to be perfect for what kind of music Samson plays. I had read about Samson and was surprised at how good they sounded on this live album because I was led to believe that musically, Samson just were’nt that good. True, the songs are’nt as catchy as a lot of other nwobhm bands, but Samson deserve a fair shot at glory, especially with Bruce on vocals. If you are a Bruce Dickinson completist, you must have this!

    Posted on January 3, 2010