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Live at the Fillmore

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  • (Hed) Pe pride themselves in their station as a rap-metal hybrid who aren t just about a predictable guitar assault with a few tossed in rhymes. The California band truly exists as both hip-hop innovators and metal provocateurs (mixing in a few other styles to boot). It s a mixture best appreciated in the live setting, and the 2008 record (as paired with a DVD) brings you as close to the experienc


Truth be told, since the blunted triumphs of their eponymous debut and 1993’s Black Sunday, Cypress Hill have been in a steady creative tailspin. Tellingly, on this live disc, recorded at the legendary San Francisco venue, it’s the trio’s genuinely entertaining performances of early material such as ”Real Estate” and ”How I Could Just Kill a Man” that stand out. But the percussive accompaniment and fuzzy guitars the group draft to dress up the rest of their material simply make the proceedings repetitive and tiresome and obscure B-Real’s distinctive whine and Muggs’s production–the group’s two greatest assets. Thankfully, there is a return to their most potent material toward the end, but it doesn’t save this release from being a cursory footnote in their discography. For completists only. –Del F. Cowie

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  • After over a decade in the rap game, Cali’s Cypress Hill offer fully-charged live cd for your listening pleasure. Unlike many rap acts, Cypress tours extensively and makes the most out of both the studio and the stage. Their original talent shines through on Live at the Fillmore.The Hill performs nearly all of their classic joints; “Pigs”, “How I Could Just Kill a Man”, and of course “Insane in the Brain”. The songs sound pretty good overall, but if you are only into the “perfect-sounding” studio albums, then you may be disappointed in this take-it-or-leave-it record. At times the vocals and guitar become a tug-of-war, but overall, the songs work on this cd.

    Posted on February 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A party with a six-foot bong is the easiest way to describe Cypress Hill’s live set. I bought this after attending a little concert they put together called Smoke Out. I loved Cypress Hill’s Skull and Bones album, which, was the first rock-rap combo coming from an experienced rap group. The live disc takes Skull and Bones further because they rewrote some of their older tunes to hard-rock beats, with backup courtesy of Sen-Dog’s metal group SX-10, like A to the K, Lick a Shot, and I Ain’t Goin Out Like That. There’s also their “stoner songs”, like I Wanna Get High, Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk and the silly Hits From The Bong. It’s also got great versions of one of my favorite songs, Insane In The Brain, as well as some good songs like Riot Starter, Cant Get The Best Of Me and Rock Superstar. It’s also great to see the way Sen-Dog and B-Real interact with the audience (the audience sings along to Can’t Get The Best of Me and Insane In The Brain). Cypress Hill’s much better live than I thought.

    Posted on February 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • For all Soul Assassins soldiers, this live performance confirms the immense talent these guys have. Now it’s over 10 years since they started and I’m here still listing like a fanatic to every track … I saw them live on stage last June 2000 in England and when I listen to this live record I can feel it!!! But surely it is of great value to all those soldiers who have not yet had the fortune to see The Hill Live!! For all of those who continue to criticize Cypress Hill I have only something to say … Of!! This band is great surely better than many others in the scene who are doing this staff only for money Peace to all Soul Assassins Soldiers!! Chicko from Malta!!

    Posted on February 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a fan of Cypress Hill for a long time, and this CD is possibly the best of them all. It has all of the best songs, and are played with great energy and momentum. Many, if not all of the songs sound much more energetic and alive then on the studio albums. Even stuff from the newer albums, which I didn’t like very much, is worth listening to again and again. Bottom line is, if you liked the early Cypress Hill albums, and dig live material you’ll love this CD. It’s one of the best live CDs I’ve ever heard.

    Posted on February 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Cypress Hill is live and raw on this one. Backed up by SX-10 they show they still got the goods. This album has great versions of some old classics–”Hand on the Pump,” “A to the K,” “Insane in the Brain” are awesome. I especially like this (faster?) version of “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That,” man, rap and metal really gel on that.The … reviewer called this “a cursory footnote in their discography”–but why do we buy live albums? Cause we weren’t there, or we want to hear it again, not necessarily for anything new or so. The boys from the Hill made their move on “Skull and Bones” and this live album is consolidation. So it’s not a footnote, it’s proof of their ability. And it’s tight! Live albums should show that a band is as good on stage as in the studio, and the Hill perform, and the added energy coming out of the Bay Area makes this a great album. And it sounds all real: I think I’m smelling some Northern Cali coming out of my speakers.

    Posted on February 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now