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Live at the Fillmore

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  • A party with a six-foot bong is the easiest way to describe Cypress Hill’s live set. I bought this after attending a little concert they put together called Smoke Out. I loved Cypress Hill’s Skull and Bones album, which, was the first rock-rap combo coming from an experienced rap group. The live disc takes Skull and Bones further because they rewrote some of their older tunes to hard-rock beats, with backup courtesy of Sen-Dog’s metal group SX-10, like A to the K, Lick a Shot, and I Ain’t Goin Out Like That. There’s also their “stoner songs”, like I Wanna Get High, Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk and the silly Hits From The Bong. It’s also got great versions of one of my favorite songs, Insane In The Brain, as well as some good songs like Riot Starter, Cant Get The Best Of Me and Rock Superstar. It’s also great to see the way Sen-Dog and B-Real interact with the audience (the audience sings along to Can’t Get The Best of Me and Insane In The Brain). Cypress Hill’s much better live than I thought.

    Posted on February 14, 2010