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Live at the Googolplex

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  • I think Katherine’s review sucks. She has no basis for comparison. Fu Manchu? pshaw. I don’t see how Fu Manchu is anything like Clutch. Danzig? Uh, your mother. Best not to bring Monster Magnet into the fray, either. All great bands, but all unique and different from the guys from Baltimore.
    I feel bad that she was saddled with this review, as she clearly did her best without having some comparable bands in mind, and indeed, who does compare Clutch with?
    But, sucky sucky review not so lucky.
    Clutch in concert is one of the tightest, most precise outfits I have witnessed. The experience, for me, grazed on respect, flirted with incredulity, feasted on power, reveled in charging bliss.

    I’m buying this disc based upon all that. And the fact that every other Clutch album sits on a rack opposite (and a little to the right) the CD player in envy of the next time its go-round number comes up.

    Posted on November 29, 2009