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Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium

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  • I am a big live album junkie, and a concert document of Rage Against The Machine has long been on my wish list. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the greatest band of the 90’s in concert- in fact, I didn’t even become a fan of theirs until after their breakup- so Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium will have to do. And it doesn’t disappoint.I agree somewhat with the reviewers who said the mix is muddy- it is, on some tracks. Tim C’s bass is noticeably high in the mix, but never ruins any of the songs. “Sleep Now In The Fire” comes to mind as a good example of a time where it almost does- the bass is just absolutely *exploding* through, sometimes overshadowing Tom Morello’s guitar riff- but doesn’t mar his solo (more forceful and passionate than the by-the-numbers studio version, I might add) at all.The songs are mostly performed very raw and powerful. And while none of the songs’ running times deviate drastically from their studio counterparts, they aren’t just copies of the CD versions. The aforementioned “Sleep…” has a great vocal performance by Zach de la Rocha, coming across almost spoken-word. He also performs Maynard James Keenan’s part on “Know Your Enemy,” which absolutely ruined the studio version for me (otherwise it’s a fantastic song).The setlist is good, although it’s pretty much a “greatest-hits in concert” collection (Rage did have awesome singles though, didn’t they?). Opening a concert with your biggest hit (“Bulls On Parade” in this case) is only something that the best artists can do successfully. I would have loved a live recording of my favorite song of theirs, “Township Rebellion,” but oh well. And “Renegades Of Funk,” one of their two or three best singles, is missed (although I don’t even think they ever performed that song live, so you can’t blame them).Overall a must-have for any Rage fan, or really any other person who wants a greatest-hits collection for the best band of the 90’s.Oh, and Audioslave rocks.

    Posted on February 4, 2010