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Live at the House of Blues

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  • The only thing that keeps this dvd from being perfect is the video editing. When there’s back up singing or someone’s instrument is standing out, the camera seems to always focus on Dustin. During the earth will shake you never really get to see the Bassist scream too much because it’s always on the crowd or Dustin, which doesn’t even make since. Besides that, the quality of the footage is nice and the set-list is near perfect, but you cannot complain with 25 songs. Highlights for me were:
    -Burn the Fleet
    -Broken Lungs
    -For Miles
    -The Earth Will Shake

    The interview does seem a little rushed and music videos would have been nice, but just the live concert is enough to satisfy me. This dvd shows what Thrice can do as a band as far as diversity and still be able to rock hard live while sounding amazing. I still give it 5 stars because it’s Thrice playing 25 songs.

    Posted on March 12, 2010