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Live at the Inferno

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  • In this live album, the Gallagher Bros. and the insanely proficient drummer Wacko! deliver an astounding performance that clearly shows what the metal scene of the 80’s has lost since it left the underground. Here, you’ll find a set of furious, to-the-point songs delivered with honesty and sheer power, qualities that the bands who embraced mainstream forgot along the way. Contemporary metal acts chose to forget the rich heritage of the early 80’s and embraced more “cerebral” musical stylings, or even worse, pushed the envelope of genre crossover to the point where no musical identity was left. That should be a positive sign, but somewhere along this evolutive path something went wrong and we’re left with results that please the radio programmers much more than the (often fanatical) metal audiences. So, if you’re looking for an honest testimony of the 80’s scene, look no further than this album…and forget the current 6-month wonders that shall be forgotten when the next “big thing” comes along.

    Posted on December 23, 2009