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Live at the Inferno

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  • The back cover of this album shows drummer Wacko! about to hurl his kick drum into a ravenous audience…they would be oblivious to the pain because the show was a pure adrenalin rush. Raven’s first live document is a vicarious experience– you feel as if you are one with the crowd. The set is full of mayhem-inciting metal of yester-year, when all that mattered was if the song pounded you into aural submission. Vocalist John Gallagher has pipes from hell. He seems to be able to sustain notes for minutes as he shrieks, moans, and growls for a wildly approving audience. All 3 of the musicians that comprise this power-trio are very gifted, and all seem to have colorful personalities, further enhancing an already tremendous live output. “Live at the Inferno” is one of the greatest live pure metal documents– grab it before it’s out of print! -David Newman 1998

    Posted on December 23, 2009