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Live Aus Berlin

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  • I bought Live Aus Berlin after I bought Sehnsucht, so I was familiar with those songs prior to listening to Live Aus Berlin. If I can give a one-word description of this album, that word would be “breathtaking” without a doubt. The songs completely evenlop the listener into a world of hard guitars, fanatic drum lines, and pyrotechnics. Rammstein is a very “out-there” band, and they’re living it up. Also living it up are the fans, who provide pulse-pounding backup singing. I heard someone once call this album “A sing-along from hell.” I can’t disagree. I speak no German, but I sing along with the songs like I’m there. My favorite performance on this album (and there are many, many awesome tracks) would have to be “Weisses Fleisch.” Where some of the sounds from the studio versions of the songs sound more scripted and planned, Live Aus Berlin songs add a new dimension to the entire listening of music altogether. If you are a die hard Rammstein fan, you already have this CD. If you are not, it is a recommended buy for the sheer flow of the album.

    Posted on January 28, 2010