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Live Aus Berlin

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  • As the title says: Live Aus Berlin definatly brings out the best of Rammstein. Though the video/dvd probably keeps you interested longer, the CD is great for old and new Rammstein fans alike.One thing I love about this CD is that it stands out from many bands by having all original songs. Every song has its own unique sound. Songs like ‘Du Reicht So Gut’ (You Smell So Good) come off properly forceful and songs like ‘Speil Mit Mir’ (Play a game with me) come off with a creepy edge. The guitars play heavy, clean riffs and the drums are solid.This is definatly a great addition the collection of Rammstein fans or any rock junkie.Notable tracks: Spiel Mit Mir Weisses Fleisch Du Riechst So Gut Rammstein

    Posted on January 28, 2010