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Live Aus Berlin

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  • “Ich war dort” means I was there and it was the most amazing thing in my life to see those 6 musicians play. I was in the front row and I can tell you that the energy of the crowd is perfectly placed into the album. This is a helpful list of the best songs and why.Spiel Mit Mir- I usually skip over but it’s still good.Bestrafe Mich- Not only do I love the name of the song but Till’s deep voice really comes out in this.Weißes Fleisch- This was the song considered by many to be Nazi because it’s translated to “White Flesh”…SHUT UP! Rammstein is everything but Nazi, the song’s just about Sex but it’s definetly one of the best.Sehnsucht- Lyrics ae odd but the riff is wicked.Asche Zu Asche- Very good fast-paced beat.Wilder Wein- DIES IST SO, SO GUT. A slow song on the album made the concert twice as magical. Heirate Mich- Always one of my favorites and I loved the part when they let the crowd sing the main chorus.Du riechst so gut- The introduction was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Bottle rockets shooting in the air precisely when the music started.Du Hast- probably the only song people outside of Germany, know of Rammstein. Classic but I didn’t like the live version as much as the Sehnsucht one.Bück dich- This is the best song on the album for a few reasons. I’m a pervert and Bück dich means Bend down(I’m German ;) and also the riff can not be matched. The sound was so loud and fast it felt like an orgy towards the end. Engel- I love the singing of Bobo and like Wilder Wein, nice slow one. Rammstein- The only neat thing about this song is that Till lights himself on fire:)Laichzeit- Weird song but mostly for the lyrics.Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?- It’s alright.Seemann- The perfect way to end an amazing night.

    Posted on January 28, 2010