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  • This album is their 3rd LIVE album. 1st being “Tokyo Tapes” (1978), and the 2nd “World Wide Live” (1985). What a band! At this point in their careers, they’ve done it all. But this album proves that they simply love doing what they do best. Killer guitars, great instrumental (Concerto in V), and Klaus’s voice is on the money! I totally recommend getting the import, as it has 2 additional live songs, (Ave Maria No Morro, and Hit Between the Eyes). However, you miss out on the in-studio single (Edge of Time), I think it’s a fair trade off. Great album, great band, and these guys are STILL rocking. Their newest album, “Humanity-Hour 1″ is arguably their finest since “Crazy World” (1990). Even though the Scorpions got there recognition over the years, I don’t think they TRULY got the recognition they rightfully deserve. They have to be the greatest and most deserving band that has yet to be inducted in the rock n’ roll hall of fame. But I know that it will happen ! ! !

    Posted on February 24, 2010