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Live Cannibalism

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  • Don’t let the sinister name fool you! “Cannibal Corpse” is the one of the most beautiful Christian groups around today. In 1998, they won a Grammy for best vocal performance by a new artist–though it should have been for “Most Angelic Voice.” Indeed, their amazing, almost divinely-inspired talent at the microphone shames even the Tallis Scholars and the Collegium Musicum Leipzig to the ignoble margins of musical mediocrity. Each musical creation by this group speaks to the soul like a little blessing from Heaven. Charlotte Church, eat your heart out (in this case, literally).Nowhere else can you experience the sheer bliss of Cannibal Corpse’s dulcet troubadour renditions of the holiest hymns and psalms than on this Heaven-sent Live CD. For example, the song “Blowtorch Slaughter” (Track II) features a striking antiphonal chorus of bass against tenor voices for the first dozen bars, before the seraphim singing of the soprano chorus slowly melds in to the glorious melee. It is just like a motet by John Taverner or Josquin Desprez, but so much more! So unique and symbolic is the refrain’s imagery that even John Donne could not further refine and elevate the lyrics! A cantata profunda so riveting that it makes Orff’s “Carmina Burana” sound like a mere nursery rhyme!”Meat Hook Sodomy” (Track X), a sympathetic account of Genesis Book 19, features the most delicate harp playing that rivals even Charles Gounod’s beloved “Ave Maria” arpeggio accompaniment (adapted, of course, from Bach’s famous C major prelude) as performed by the Academy of St.Martin-in-the-Fields in their famous 1978 recording, “Live from the Vatican” (London/Decca). And as for “Skull Full of Maggots” (Track XVII) and “Hammer Smashed Face” (Track XVIII), well, all I can possibly say is “Hallelujah!”This CD is a treasury of all that is right in the world–justice, compassion, humanity, love, kindness, charity, and most of all, religious devotion. Whether you play it in the car on the way to church, or use it as background music to lull your infant to sleep, your soul will be just a little bit closer to God after each wonderful song.

    Posted on January 1, 2010