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Live: Entertainment or Death

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  • As a devoted fan of Motley Crue for almost 20 years, I must admit, the boys in the band never cease to amaze me. Thru the years, Crue fans have been treated to some of the most incredible live shows imaginable. So why not release an album that captures the sonic thunder of the band that has provided the soundtrack to many lives, both in adolescence and adulthood? Well folks, the time has finally arrived & this album is an absolute smash! These days, most “live” albums contain so much in-house doctoring that the album is basically a studio album with an audience track…but not this one! This album resembles a bootleg recording…which to ANY die hard fan is as it should be..No, this isn’t just one concert, this album digs deep into the band’s career with a series of shows from different tours. Yes, I mean DEEP in the archives! The songs? Fuh-get about it..From one gem to the next, this album delivers the goods with a punch that will crack your skull…”Knock ‘Em Dead Kid”, Nikki Sixx’s ode to the LAPD is incredibly raw. As are earlier tunes like “Public Enemy #1″ and “Merry-Go-Round”. If ya like sleazy, check out “Ten Seconds To Love” which buries the original studio version. Of course, if you are only a fan of the MTV era Motley Crue you will also be pleased. Standards like “Home Sweet Home” with Vince turning over vocal chores to the audience, and “Girls, Girls, Girls”, take you back to a time when rock & roll was what it was meant to be: fun, sleazy and outta control in a sexual kind of way. Not the slash your wrist, homo-erotic acts of moshing kind of way that has been so terribly prominent in the 90’s…You will also be informed of what the song “Same Ol Situation” REALLY means…All in all I have absolutely NO complaints..I don’t mind buying songs that I already own on previous albums. Simply put: This is Motley Crue…there is no one else.

    Posted on December 31, 2009