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Live Era '87-'93

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  • While this double cd set may be a said memory of a band that imploded under pressure, it is also a thrill ride, hightlighting a band that dominated their time. While it was recorded across the world, geffen did a great job of making it feel like one big show.Disc 1 kicks off with Nightrain, a fast, adrenaline rush thatwill get you jumping around the house. Next comes a AFD classic, Mr. Brownstone. Its an average version of the song, but the highlight is the 2 minute soundclip of Axl trying to get the crowd to back up after the song. Next comes another AFD classic, Its so Easy, which is a thumping reminder of the bands past. Next comes the GnR trademark song, Welcome to the Jungle, featuring a heart pounding intro by Axl. Next comes a underrated song sung by Izzy, Dust n Bones, which is by far better than the recording. Next comes the song My Michelle which on record was a dark song, but live seemed not quite so intimidating. Then you get You’re Crazy which features a monotone sounding Axl. After that you get one of Gnr’s most controversial songs, Used to Love Her, with a funny yet disturbing intro. Then comes the only Lies hit, Patience, with a very excited crowd that sings along louder than Axl. Next is It’s Alright as an okay intro to the monster hit, November Rain, which ends CD 1 on a nice note.Disc 2 starts with a boring version of Out Ta Get Me, then a better than recording version of the ever ironic song, Pretty Tied Up. Next is the happy song, Yesterdays. Then you get the low point of the set, Move to the City, which includes a 5 minute solo section by the unecessary horn section. After that the rest of the cd is amazing, which is the reason of my rating. You get You Could Be Mine, Rocket Queen, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Knockin on Heavens Door, Dont Cry, Estranged and Paradise City.While disc 1 is aimed for the hardcore fan that knows the songs that werent hits, disc 2 is aimed for everyone with a run of monster hits. Any Gnr fan, hardcore or casual should definetely pick up this set, which hightlights the last great rock band, Guns N’ Roses.

    Posted on November 19, 2009