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Live From Earth

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  • “Live From Earth” provides eight tracks from Pat Benatar’s 1982-83 tour, at which point the tiny dynamo had put out four albums, with the last three having made it to the top four (“Precious Time” went all the way to #1). The album made it to #13 on the Billboard album charts, which is not bad in comparison. For me the chief attraction is hearing Benatar sing without all the dubbing that happens in the studio. So the net effect is listening to raw Benatar (as distinct from unplugged, which I can tell you is pretty good after having heard her at Lillith Fair).

    I find it interesting that given that Benatar almost always begins her albums with a power house number, two of which are on this album (“Promises in the Dark” and “Heartbreaker”), that she chooses instead to start the night with “Fire and Ice” and leaves the aforementioned songs for a strong finish. The most impressive part of the album is when Benatar and her band start stringing songs together with “I Want Out,” “”We Live for Love,” and “Hell is For Children.” A few of the songs are a little bit different, and “Lookin’ for a Stranger” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” have a little more punch than the originals.

    The 1983 album ends with a couple of studio tracks, her hit single “Love Is a Battlefield,” which made it to #5, and “Lipstick Lies,” which is not exactly a bad filler. Even though eight live tracks is pretty paltry and adding the studio tracks violates the whole point of the album, I end up rounding up because of the latter. It is a close call, and being a big Benatar fan probably has something to do with it because only one of those is going to be interested in this album in the first place.

    Posted on December 29, 2009