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Live from Radio City Music Hall

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  • Somewhere along the way the comparison struck me, but in a way it fits. Dio, like Shemp Howard, was a talented individual who, taken in their own right, should be respected for what they accomplished, but will forever be overshadowed by their predecessors. Maybe I come at this from a unique perspective. Most stooge fans seem to be either Curly or Shemp, and Sabbath fans seem to be either Ozzy or Dio. Personally I like them all and take each of them for what they were. In the case of Sabbath, Dio allowed the band to finally reinvent themselves with some sort of cohesive vision, and his operatic growl was the perfect foil for Iommi’s ever-darkening guitar riffs. They did away with much of the experimentation and occasional acoustic dabblings, and became a more straight forward metal band. On this album the quartet of Dio, Iommi, Butler, and Appice have captured a bit of the old black magic. Though I find myself favoring the first disc, the entire album is about as solid a live performance as you can get. The new material even fits in seamlessly with the old, a rare feat when old bands try to add to their back catalog. In the end I will always love Sabbath with Ozzy or with Dio and this Live masterpiece is a welcome addition to the collection. It’s one of those albums perfectly suited to driving with the windows down, the volume up, and your foot feeling a little on the heavy side.
    And for the record, I’ll let someone else sort out who the Joe and Curly Joe of Sabbath are.

    Posted on November 28, 2009