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Live from the Norva

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  • I picked up Chevelle’s first DVD release, “Live From The Norva” about two weeks after seeing them perform live. Maybe it was the experience of seeing the band live (we don’t get many good bands around here…), but to me, this is an excellent representation of the group and brings back the concert to my mind very vividly each time I watch it. Just like their music, Chevelle’s live show is stripped down, yet very passionate, emotional and intense. All three brothers work together and compliment each other very nicely on each song. Pete’s vocals are strong the whole way through, as he hardly ever misses a note or a lyric while trashing about on his guitar. Sam’s drum-work provides a catchy back-ground for the music, while Joe’s bass works almost like a second guitar, adding more dimension and crunch to the mere three-person band. The band blazes effortlessly and breezily through the short fourteen song set, pulling out all of their hits (“The Red,” “Send The Pain Below”), some old stuff (“Mia,” “Point #1″ (my favorite Chevelle song)), some rarely heard songs (“Sma,” “Don’t Fake This”) and even a b-side (“Until You’re Reformed” from the ‘Daredevil’ soundtrack). I have watched this DVD many times in the near-year I have owned it and can tell you that if you love the band, it is worth the money. It is somewhat lacking in special features (how about some music videos?), but the concert is strong enough, it’s forgiven (add to that a fair price).

    01. Family System
    02. Forfeit
    03. Send The Pain Below
    04. Until You’re Reformed
    05. Sma
    06. Mia
    07. Point #1
    08. Closure
    09. Grab Thy Hand
    10. An Evening With El Diablo
    11. Comfortable Liar
    12. Don’t Fake This
    13. The Red
    14. Wonder’s What’s Next

    Also included is a pre-show interview with the band (pretty cool) called “Pay Your Dues” and some standard photo-gallery and discography features. Overall, an excellent little package, and goes well with the CD “Live From The Road,” which, while not as extensive as this, is still worth checking out.

    Posted on November 29, 2009