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Live from the Road

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  • Wonder What’s Next was a very solid album. The songwriting was incredibly simplistic, but the melodies were catchy, the sound was hard and tight, and Pete’s voice shined. A lot of the greatness of the sound could probably be attributed to lots of studio time, and work with producer GGGarth. After hearing WWW, Live from the Road was, to say the least, a disappointment. The vocals were very weak and often off key. He often sang an octave below what he sang on the CD. The high notes he attempted were often missed. He barely put any power into his singing either. This is incredibly apparent in the verses of Family System, which were remarkably passionate on the studio CD. Let’s move on to instrumentation. The guitar tone was CRAP. Plus all of Pete’s guitar playing was profoundly sloppy. The guitars and bass were out of tune on many songs. Plus the CD just sounds like poop. The drums were not recorded well, and they are way too quiet. Terrible mix job. All around, a disappointment. Sorry guys. This is for die-hard fans only.

    Posted on February 3, 2010