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Live Gothic (2 CDS + DVD)

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  • I must say that I enjoyed this DVD/2CD live a lot. So let me just say what I did NOT like about it and why I did not give 5 stars:
    - First of all, and mostly important, I was expecting a slightly better sound. OK… it is still an amazing production. The vocals (4 singers!!!) sound fabulous and the bass and drums are really POUNDING! But there are many times where the guitars sound rather “weak” and further back in the mix. This lacks the power a metal sound should have. With a little more attention in the guitars, the whole thing would have sounded 10 times better. But maybe this is just my personal opinion.
    - SONG TITLES! Come on guys… who designed the back cover of this DVD? Black background with dark grey letters??? Please have mercy… nobody can read a thing there!!!
    - The audience was not so warm.
    - This is just personal, but I was unpleasantly surprised to see that my favourite Therion song (“Typhon”) not included. Pitty!

    Other than these, the live is absolutely amazing. Fantastic production and performance by the group. Watching an 8 people band playing their best, and 4 top singers (2 males, 2 females) singing with such art and power… Truly unique!!!
    You will enjoy this even if you are not a Therion fan.

    Posted on January 6, 2010