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Live in Leipzig

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  • Let’s face it, when it comes to Mayhem we all have our preferred vocalist. Mine is Dead, my boyfriend’s is Maniac, and my friends is Attila.. either way we all agree that Live In Leipzig is a hellofa album! I heard people bitching about the sound quality.. but do those people really know anything about Black Metal history??? The members of this band were starving at times! Lets see you put out a high quality sound album in a dinky recording studio in Norway..! Back to the subject,.. if its great lyrics, loud music, tremendous musicians, and a memorable album your looking for.. then this one is for you! I personally think it’s better than De Mysteriis.. but that is only my opinion.. I have been a Black Metal fan for well over 7 years and I still think this is the BEST album I own. You also might try picking up “Tribute To The Black Emperors” Mayhem/Morbid split if you fall in love with this album.. Don’t let the people saying the sound quality is bad discourage you from buying this album.. the sound quality is NOT bad at all.. (Put it this way.. it does NOT sound like it was recorded in someone’s bathroom with shotty mics.) Do yourself a favor and buy!!

    Posted on February 3, 2010