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Live in London

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  • It has been a while since a bought a Priest album, in fact the last one I got was the JUGULATOR and I was quite dissapointed.In need of some classic metal I bought this LIVE IN LONDON and what a plaisant surprise!A collection of Priest’s classics from Victims of Changes, breaking the law, United, a semi-acoustic version of Diamonds and Rust, Painkiller, etc and some newer stuffs from the last album Demolition.What is his name?Oh yeah…THE RIPPER!Well, a very good surprise too, it seems like the Priest chose the good replacement for HALFORD, same type of voice, same energy although sometimes a little less high-pitched which is not unplaisant…Of course this CD doesn’t compete with the great Unleashed in the east, but equals Halford’s Live Ressurection and is certainly above PRIEST LIVE.Apparently the track-listing is very close from the previous live MELTDOWN but I can’t compare the two for I have never heard the previous one.All I can say is that the sound of LIVE IN LONDON is great, the track listing excellent and the band in a very good shape-even if sometimes drummer Scott TRAVIS seems to have a plane to catch right after the show and speeds up the tracks…The lowest point would be TURBO LOVER-not a very good number to begin with-and the highests points would be the tunes from Point Of Entry(Heading on the highway, Desert Plains)and some very good songs from Demolition.This review refers to the european version featuring 25 tracks on a double cd, I’m not sure about the “+7″.Good purchase anyway.

    Posted on January 14, 2010