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Live in London

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  • Definitely you’d be torn choosing which live album to get- 98 Live Meltdown or Live In London. I’ll tell you the difference, and you be the judge. First and foremost, 98 Live has better track ordering. Second, it also has a more exiciting feel as a live album, since it is the return of the band from a 4-5 year drought, and you can sense it in the way Ripper presents the songs-complete with stage antics. However, there are just some tracks, that for me, could have been replaced by better ones- Blood Stained, Abductors, Metal Meltdown, Painkiller.. etc. Hey, I mean, these songs are great, but some Priest classics just do not match Ripper’s style, most especially Painkiller. He seems a bit forced there. For Live In London, the aura is that Ripper is comfortable with he audience. What differs from the songs here is that the tracks contain more exciting and better renditions of the classics. Check out Heading out to the Highway and Desert PLAINS (this is my FAVOURITE TRACK), also Turbo Lover. Now how’d you like to hear Turbo lover in all it’s metal glory? Also, the basic fact that there are MORE tracks here makes this album somewhat match the ‘necessity’ of 98 Live. As for the sound, not much has changed, except that the guitar work on this one is more defined than 98. Check out Beyond the Realms for this one. Overall, I gave it a five stars because.. well, this albums simply METALS!P.S. By the way, you could use the CD’s on your PC and you’ll find out that there are extra videos from the Live In London DVD. Now how’s that for a bargain!

    Posted on January 15, 2010