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Live in Nashville

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  • Demon Hunter has been one of those bands that get better and better with every album. 2007’s “Storm the Gates of Hell” was undoubtedly their best CD to date, and with their 5th album being released in early 2010, anticipation is definantly high. To keep the momentum alive, Demon Hunter gives us the audio from the “45 Days” concert footage in audio format, renamed “Live in Nashville”

    Pros of the album:
    1) 14 of Demon Hunter’s best songs. 1 from “Demon Hunter”, 2 from “Summer of Darkness”, 4 from “The Triptych” and 7 from “Storm the Gates of Hell”.
    2) The audio quality is superb. Songs like “Storm the Gates of Hell” and “I Am You” sound much more harder than what you would find on the albums.
    3) Crowd interaction is excellent. Ryan Clark lets the crowd take on multiple portions of the songs.

    Cons of the album:
    1) It’s clear that Ryan can’t reproduce the high octaves of his voice live. “Fading Away” is on the album, but don’t expect any of the higher-octave singing you heard in “Storm the Gates of Hell”. While his voice is solid overall, in some places it is obvious he made compromises.
    2) While crowd interaction is excellent, unfortunantly, you can hardly hear it. In “Lead Us Home”, “Ribcage”, and several other songs, Ryan will let the crowd handle a section of the song (e.g. “Over and Over again!” in “Ribcage”), but the sound didn’t translate very well, so it is hard to hear.

    As a live CD it is better than average, and while it has some drawbacks, it is enjoyable. If you are new to Demon Hunter, this is the CD you want to get. If you have “45 Days”, you will find nothing new, unless you want the audio portion aside from the DVD. If you are a casual metal fan or Demon Hunter fan, give this one a shot.

    Posted on November 29, 2009