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Live in São Paulo

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  • Upon seeing the track list for Sepultura’s Live In Sao Paulo, I was actually surprised upon seeing so many songs from their Max era. I figured that since there were a lot of my favorites that maybe this wouldn’t be too bad. I haven’t been particularly favorable of Against, Nation, Revolusongs or Roorback, and have given them only 2 or 3 stars. Though I’m surprised that they released the show on CDs and DVDs instead of one jumbo pack, I bought both of them used and for a much cheaper price and for the most part, I was not disappointed. Derrick did a pretty decent job on this recording as did the rest of the band, especially Igor who sadly just recently left the band after releasing Dante XXI. An interesting thing about this concert is how many special guests there are. Gordo sings on Reza and Biotech is Godzilla, original guitarist Jairo T. rejoins the band for Troops of Doom and Necromancer and Krisiun joins Derrick in the growling for Necromancer. In a surprising move, the band also performed their cover of the Public Enemy song Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos and while it is rap with actual music, it actually fits amongst all the Metal in a weird sort of way mostly because it actually has a message unlike the Rap of today. As a whole, this concert is very solid and worth the money. If you hate Derrick to the extent where you don’t like anything he’s done with Sepultura; then avoid this. If you like a few Sepultura songs with him; get this CD or DVD set, you will not be disappointed. If you are already a big Derrick fan then why don’t you have this by now?

    Despite this being an awesome concert, it has its share of flaws.

    1. Derrick really needs to learn to play guitar. Other than two track from Roorback (Apes of God and Mindwar), only Andreas is playing the guitar. As a result, this takes something away from a handful of tracks; most noticeably Escape to the Void as the beginning solo is missing and just makes the song feel awkward.
    2. Speaking of Escape to the Void, why is it that that seems to be the only track from Schizophrenia that the band plays anymore?
    3. The volume of Derrick’s mic should have been turned up more. This is most noticeable on Necromancer where he competes with Alex Carmargo of Krisiun whose voice is crystal clear and completely buries Derrick.
    4. Dead Embryonic Cells should be played in its entirety.
    5. The fact that you have to buy this concert twice on CD and DVD, the DVD is the better of the two obviously is a little irritating.
    6. The packaging is exactly the same as the DVD only, shrunk into CD form, though that is to be expected.
    7. Under a Pale Grey Sky while not an official release, is still easily superior to this.

    With the exception of these seven problems, Live in Sao Paulo is an excellent 2 Disc set that most Sepultura fans should enjoy both new and old. And definitely check out the DVD set as well. Hoped this helped.

    Posted on November 14, 2009