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Live in São Paulo

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  • Max this, Max that. Yes, I miss Max Cavalera too, but even without their former frontman, Sepultura still manages to put on a great show. “Live in São Paulo” finds the legendary Brazilian metalers in front of a roaring crowd performing cuts spanning from their early days to now, and while some of the older tracks don’t sound as great with Derrick Green providing the vocals, even the most jaded Sepultura fan will admit that they do admireably here. Classic tracks like “Slave New World”, “Necromancer”, “Biotech is Godzilla”, “Arise”, and “Dead Embryonic Cells” are here, as well as cuts from the Derrick Green fronted albums “Against”, “Nation”, and “Roorback”. The band sounds great, and Green sounds good, and the crowd digs it all. And in the end, that’s all that really matters. It’s not the best live album you’ll hear, and it doesn’t come close to the awe inspiring Sepultura live album “Under a Pale Grey Sky”, but “Live in São Paulo” is still a worthwhile listen for fans of the Brazilian metal pioneers.

    Posted on November 14, 2009