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Live in Texas

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  • Regarding the review below that says this album is not live – IT IS LIVE! It should be a huge compliment to Linkin Park that someone thinks they sound like a studio album when they play live! Linkin Park put an awful lot of effort into their live shows and performances and as a result sound extremely good, but they do not sound as perfect as a studio album!! Chester and Mike are both very talented singers.For anyone who is a huge Linkin Park fan this CD and particulary the DVD is a must buy. There’s 68 minutes of footage from the Texas leg of their 2003 Summer Sanitarium Tour. 17 songs covering their 3 studio albums ‘Hybrid Theory’, ‘Reanimation’ and ‘Meterora’ are belted out to a huge crowd who join in singing, and if you’ve ever been to a Linkin Park gig yourself will remind you of the true spirit that goes with such an occasion.There is occasional backstage footage in between songs, and it’s a shame there’s not more on a seperate featurette, but we have to remember this DVD is essentially a free gift with the CD. The show itself more than makes up for any special features.There are 2 sound options – Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 which sounds truely amazing and is still quite unusual for a music DVD.This CD/DVD set is excellent value for money and I cannot recommend it highly enough for every Linkin Park fan out there.

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  • As much as I’m into the more “underground” scene with Industrial and Metal music, I love Linkin Park. Despite all the bullsh-t criticism they get from people that claim they are nothing more than another nu-metal band, these guys are truly talented. They put on an awesome live show, and have so much energy that breathes new life into their songs. I saw them this summer on The Summer Sanitarium Tour (which this particular concert was recorded from) and they were awesome. The boys really know how to work a crowd. This live release contains basically all the best songs off their three major-label albums, with only 1 being from the *okay* remix album, “Reanimation”. Of course, the DVD is superior to the cd in so many ways. The only problems with this are the following: Flaw 1 – There are 17 songs and about 68 minutes on the DVD, and the cd is only 12 tracks and 41 minutes?! What gives?! Come on guys, you could have left some songs on there…. Flaw 2 – The whole thing is edited. And when I say edited, I mean whenever Chester or Mike would say something like “I can’t f*cking hear you!” or “Dallas, you guys are the sh*t”….it’s blanked out. Like they really cuss that much live anyway….I don’t think this would have been tagged with a Parental Advisory or something, guys. Well aside from that, this is a superb live release, containing pretty much all their big popular singles and other hardcore fan favorites. If they would have had “Hit The Floor” on here (which they played when I saw them) then it would definitely be 5 stars, flaws or not. Bottom Line: If you don’t own this, you’re not a Linkin Park fan, period.

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  • After the release of “Meteora” (which is still in the top 40 and has been since it’s March ‘03 release) disappointed quite a few fans, it did not me. I knew it would not match “Hybrid Theory”, and it had it’s great tracks as well that were better than some of “Hybrid Theory”’s, such as “Faint”, “Figure.09″, “Breaking the Habit” and “Numb”. Now, only 8 months after the release of “Meteora”, LP returns with their delightful DVD / CD combo “Live in Texas”, recorded live Irving & Houston Texas during Summer Sanitarium shows in August. Before I watched the DVD on this album, I had heard a few things about Linkin Park’s live shows, most bad. However, after watching the DVD, I was completely convinced that they deliver one of the most emotional and energetic shows of any of the new rock bands out there. The people who were saying their shows were unsatisfactory were probably just those “anti-everything mainstream” people (and there’s nothing wrong with not liking mainstream music, because most talent is, in fact, in the underground, however, some people push it over the limit) who hate Linkin Park because they sell records. But anyway, the DVD is 68 minutes long and contains these tracks and how I rate the performance:1. Don’t Stay (4/5)2. Somewhere I Belong (4/5)3. Lying From You (5/5)4. Papercut (5/5)5. Points of Authority (5/5)6. Runaway (5/5)7. Faint (4/5)8. From the Inside (4/5)9. Figure.09 (5/5)10. With You (3/5)11. By Myself (3/5)12. P5HNG ME A*WY (5/5)13. Numb (5.5)14. Crawling (3/5)15. In the End (4/5)16. A Place For My Head (5/5)17. One Step Closer (5/5)The DVD alone would be worth the price of admission. After the performance is over you wish you were there for an encore.Now on to the compact disc. All the tracks here can be seen on the DVD, and I don’t know why LP didn’t just transfer the whole performance from the DVD onto the CD instead of cutting out half of it. I guess they just like making short CDs, like they have with all their albums (except “Reanimation”). The CD tracklisting is:1. Somewhere I Belong2. Lying From You3. Papercut4. Points of Authority5. Runaway6. Faint7. From the Inside8. P5HNG ME A*WY9. Numb10. Crawling11. In the End12. One Step CloserThe CD is give 2.5 out of 5 stars, because they could have made it so much longer and it features nothing that can’t be SEEN or heard on the DVD. However, the DVD is wonderful and gives the whole thing 5 stars. If you’re a fan of LP, go get this.

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  • And all I can say is I am so happy and glad that I did purchase this twin set CD/DVD from Linkin Park on tour during 2003 with Limp Biskit and Metalica. ‘Live In Texas’ actually Dallas is a work of art and for any hardcore fan of Linkin Park this is the Digi-pack for you!

    The first CD comprises of 12 audio tracks drawn from Linkin Park’s first two albums ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’. There are no new song releases on this CD just a remix of Pushing Me Away (Track 8). The hits of ‘Somewhere I belong’ and ‘Crawling’ and ‘One Step Closer’ are included on this audio CD.

    CD 2 is actually the DVD of the actual concert and it is filmed expertly and gets the band action full on as well as the crowd moshing and jumping to the music. What an exhilarating feeling. All in all there are 18 songs in the concert with live powerful performances of ‘Faint’, ‘By Myself’, ‘Numb’ and ‘In the End’.

    A must for any new or old fan of Linkin Park. I thoroughly enjoyed this feast of viewing pleasure to the senses.

    Posted on January 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Never ones to be too stingy with new releases, Linkin Park decided to end ‘03 with a live DVD/CD combo release that will please any LP fan. The DVD is basically an extension of the much shorter CD. All of their hits are performed live, straight from Dallas, TX (on the Summer Sanitarium Tour, which featured Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Deftones & Mudvayne). All of Linkin Park’s live energy and enthusiasm translates well into this package. Aside from the songs you would expect to appear on here like ‘In The End,’ ‘One Step Closer’ or ‘Somewhere I Belong,’ there are plenty of little surprises and rarities in here. How many bands are daring enough to perform a remix? Linkin Park manages to pull it off with ‘P5hng Me A*wy’ which, although missing Stephen from Taproot, sounds better live than it did on “Reanimation.” On ‘One Step Closer’ we are also treated to a sampling of Jonathan Davis’ part (of course, missing the famous frontman again) during the bridge. “Meteora” stand-outs such as ‘Figure 0.9′ and ‘Don’t Stay’ are powerful and potent additions to Linkin Park’s live show and fit in with the tried and true tracks like ‘Points of Authority’ and ‘Papercut.’ All in all, with the DVD and CD together, this is one item any Linkin Park fan can’t be without. For a band who is criticized often as being a boy-band with guitars, this live-disc proves everyone wrong. Linkin Park don’t just come alive on the record, they come alive in their live show as well.

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