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Live in Texas

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  • Never ones to be too stingy with new releases, Linkin Park decided to end ‘03 with a live DVD/CD combo release that will please any LP fan. The DVD is basically an extension of the much shorter CD. All of their hits are performed live, straight from Dallas, TX (on the Summer Sanitarium Tour, which featured Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Deftones & Mudvayne). All of Linkin Park’s live energy and enthusiasm translates well into this package. Aside from the songs you would expect to appear on here like ‘In The End,’ ‘One Step Closer’ or ‘Somewhere I Belong,’ there are plenty of little surprises and rarities in here. How many bands are daring enough to perform a remix? Linkin Park manages to pull it off with ‘P5hng Me A*wy’ which, although missing Stephen from Taproot, sounds better live than it did on “Reanimation.” On ‘One Step Closer’ we are also treated to a sampling of Jonathan Davis’ part (of course, missing the famous frontman again) during the bridge. “Meteora” stand-outs such as ‘Figure 0.9′ and ‘Don’t Stay’ are powerful and potent additions to Linkin Park’s live show and fit in with the tried and true tracks like ‘Points of Authority’ and ‘Papercut.’ All in all, with the DVD and CD together, this is one item any Linkin Park fan can’t be without. For a band who is criticized often as being a boy-band with guitars, this live-disc proves everyone wrong. Linkin Park don’t just come alive on the record, they come alive in their live show as well.

    Posted on January 12, 2010