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Live in Texas

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  • After the release of “Meteora” (which is still in the top 40 and has been since it’s March ‘03 release) disappointed quite a few fans, it did not me. I knew it would not match “Hybrid Theory”, and it had it’s great tracks as well that were better than some of “Hybrid Theory”’s, such as “Faint”, “Figure.09″, “Breaking the Habit” and “Numb”. Now, only 8 months after the release of “Meteora”, LP returns with their delightful DVD / CD combo “Live in Texas”, recorded live Irving & Houston Texas during Summer Sanitarium shows in August. Before I watched the DVD on this album, I had heard a few things about Linkin Park’s live shows, most bad. However, after watching the DVD, I was completely convinced that they deliver one of the most emotional and energetic shows of any of the new rock bands out there. The people who were saying their shows were unsatisfactory were probably just those “anti-everything mainstream” people (and there’s nothing wrong with not liking mainstream music, because most talent is, in fact, in the underground, however, some people push it over the limit) who hate Linkin Park because they sell records. But anyway, the DVD is 68 minutes long and contains these tracks and how I rate the performance:1. Don’t Stay (4/5)2. Somewhere I Belong (4/5)3. Lying From You (5/5)4. Papercut (5/5)5. Points of Authority (5/5)6. Runaway (5/5)7. Faint (4/5)8. From the Inside (4/5)9. Figure.09 (5/5)10. With You (3/5)11. By Myself (3/5)12. P5HNG ME A*WY (5/5)13. Numb (5.5)14. Crawling (3/5)15. In the End (4/5)16. A Place For My Head (5/5)17. One Step Closer (5/5)The DVD alone would be worth the price of admission. After the performance is over you wish you were there for an encore.Now on to the compact disc. All the tracks here can be seen on the DVD, and I don’t know why LP didn’t just transfer the whole performance from the DVD onto the CD instead of cutting out half of it. I guess they just like making short CDs, like they have with all their albums (except “Reanimation”). The CD tracklisting is:1. Somewhere I Belong2. Lying From You3. Papercut4. Points of Authority5. Runaway6. Faint7. From the Inside8. P5HNG ME A*WY9. Numb10. Crawling11. In the End12. One Step CloserThe CD is give 2.5 out of 5 stars, because they could have made it so much longer and it features nothing that can’t be SEEN or heard on the DVD. However, the DVD is wonderful and gives the whole thing 5 stars. If you’re a fan of LP, go get this.

    Posted on January 12, 2010