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Live in Texas

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  • As much as I’m into the more “underground” scene with Industrial and Metal music, I love Linkin Park. Despite all the bullsh-t criticism they get from people that claim they are nothing more than another nu-metal band, these guys are truly talented. They put on an awesome live show, and have so much energy that breathes new life into their songs. I saw them this summer on The Summer Sanitarium Tour (which this particular concert was recorded from) and they were awesome. The boys really know how to work a crowd. This live release contains basically all the best songs off their three major-label albums, with only 1 being from the *okay* remix album, “Reanimation”. Of course, the DVD is superior to the cd in so many ways. The only problems with this are the following: Flaw 1 – There are 17 songs and about 68 minutes on the DVD, and the cd is only 12 tracks and 41 minutes?! What gives?! Come on guys, you could have left some songs on there…. Flaw 2 – The whole thing is edited. And when I say edited, I mean whenever Chester or Mike would say something like “I can’t f*cking hear you!” or “Dallas, you guys are the sh*t”….it’s blanked out. Like they really cuss that much live anyway….I don’t think this would have been tagged with a Parental Advisory or something, guys. Well aside from that, this is a superb live release, containing pretty much all their big popular singles and other hardcore fan favorites. If they would have had “Hit The Floor” on here (which they played when I saw them) then it would definitely be 5 stars, flaws or not. Bottom Line: If you don’t own this, you’re not a Linkin Park fan, period.

    Posted on January 12, 2010