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Live... In the Heart of the City/Live at Hammersmith

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  • The funny thing about Whitesnake is that although David Coverdale was the center of the band (and also the founder), the music changed so dramatically. This album is more bluesy and less commercialized that albums such as Whitesnake-Whitesnake and Whitesnake-Slide It In, but has its own appeal. I have always liked David Coverdale’s vocals since I first heard him in Deep Purple. My first song to hear from Whitesnake was “Fool For Your Loving” from the album Ready an’ Willing, I believe in 1980. The band continued to go through changes until the mid to late 80’s when they hit it commercially big starting with Slide It In and continueing from there. Getting back to this album, the songs here are very rich such as Love Hunter and Ain’t Gonna Cry No More, etc. THere are hard rocking ballads such as Fool For Your Loving, Sweet Talker, and Ready An’ Willing. And of course the heavy, bluesy Walking In Th Shadow Of The Blues. This is an album that you have to sit down by yourself and just listen to it thoroughly and before you know it, you understand how great it is. I don’t know anyone that mentions this album and that is because it was not a commercial success, but don’t let that stop you. Don’t let the media choose your music. Buy it or borrow it and listen to it. I guarantee you will be impressed if you like good 70’s and 80’s rock and blues.

    Posted on January 3, 2010