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Live in the Lbc & Diamonds in the Rough (W/Dvd)

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  • This release simply shows what A7X is made of and how they throw it all to the fans in the concerts… in the cover of walk, M. shadows picks a fan from the crowd to sing the whole song… that was so cool, after wards they let him on stage for the rest of the show. The video quality is good and the sound kicks. This is A7X and how they give a good show. the bonus cd with b sides is really loud as well, cool covers and songs by them. Even the cover of Iron Maiden Flash of the blade A7X style, and let me tell you as a fan of IM, they really got it rocking there. If you are a fan and like city and self titled don’t hesitate, this’ll blow you away. For some back in the day fans they play second heartbeat and unholy confessions on the dvd. Really worth the buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on January 13, 2010