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Recorded live at a show in Antwerp, Belgium in 1981 while at he peak of their creative power. Containing just about all the classics of the period, ’747’, ’Dallas 1PM’ and ’Wheels Of Steel’. 2000 release. Standard jewel case.

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  • Saxon – One of the most influential yet overlooked bands in the formation of heavy metal, was thankfully recorded during their “Strong Arm Of The Law” tour in 1981. This CD is a recording of a full Saxon show in Antwerpen, Belgium, October 1981, a week or two before the release of their double platinum album “Denim And Leather”. This cd finds the boys from Barnsley, England right at the cusp of the breaking of heavy metal music into an international movement. Heavy metal was just about to break worldwide and Saxon was one of the bands leading the charge. Saxon was tight, powerful, full of confidence and yes…raw! Thankfully the tapes were rolling and recording, and based from the energetic Saxon’s playing and the frenzied crowd response, it seems that a few Zig-Zags were also rolling :)
    Now, as for the cd and show, if you are a Saxon fan, if you are a metal fan, if you are a MUSIC fan, you must have this recording! Saxon proves why they are one of the forefathers of metal music and why they RULED the metal kingdom in the early 1980s. From the opening “See The Light Shining” to the ending number “Wheels Of Steel”, Saxon puts on a powerful peformance. Most of the songs on this show come from the classic “Strong Arm Of The Law” album, but they give the audience a preview “from the forthcoming album due out next week”; which turned out to be “Denim And Leather”; an outstanding version of “And The Bands Played On”, a song documenting their performance the previous year at the first Donnington Festival. Saxon also plays a mind blowing rendition of the song “Frozen Rainbow” from their self titled first album, as well as a tremendous performance of “Hungry Years” from the “Strong Arm Of The Law” album. Actually, ALL of the renditions of the songs done at this show are staggeringly bursting with energy, especially Biff’s vocals on “Strong Arm Of The Law”! Biff’s growls and grunts during this performance makes this the definitive rendition of the song! Let me not forget the superb playing of guitarists Graham Oliver and Paul Quinn! Both axmen are in top form and are smoking, yeah baby! But the real backbone/spine of this show is the formidable rhythm section of bassist Steve Dawson and drummer Pete Gill! The hypnotically, muscular, incessant playing of Dawson and Gill is flawless. Wow, I can’t stress enough how fantastic this performance is. Unfortunately this is probably the last live recording of the original lineup, as Pete Gill left Saxon mere weeks after this show and two weeks before the start of Saxon’s “Denim And Leather” tour.
    The corporate walls trying to keep heavy metal music at bay were about to explode and topple; and Saxon was the band setting the charge! The Eagle Has Landed!

    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well kids here is another live and screaming cd from one of the grandfathers of late 70’s early 80’s english heavy metal. A must have for for true saxon fans

    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I love Saxon , this is from a 81 show in Europe , with the definitve saxon line up , They rock , while this Cd is from over 20 years ago , the stuff sounds great today , I never understood why Saxon was’nt as big in the States as Priest or Maiden , they definitively were in the same league , this cd kicks , if you like great guitar work and metal the old fashion way with balls , buy it Saxon Rulz

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